Our Vision

We are a For Purpose business

The vision of my business has evolved from wanting to share the superfood benefits of Australian native botanicals through storytelling with my chocolate… to so much more.

I suppose it’s natural that as I evolved, so did the vision of the business and now every business decision made is based on spotlighting the issues in our industry footprint, and advocating for the change we want to see through our operational choices.

• We source sustainably grown, palm-oil free chocolate contributing to eradicating forced child labour; raising cacao farmers above the poverty line; empowering women and children, and addressing the damage caused by palm oil farming.

But this is the very least chocolate brands should do and it’s not enough for us.

• We’re building an Indigenous led and owned supply chain to increase the participation of Indigenous People in this growing industry, and we’re actively contributing to the recovery and reclamation of our leadership of the Bush Food & Botanical supply chain in ways that reflect our inherent rights & sovereignty.

• We’re creating jobs through the supply chain, contributing to economic growth in Communities, with a vision to directly scale, to reach national and international markets, and achieve self-determination and self-sufficiency for me and all who work with me.

• And while sharing the traditional use of the botanicals we leverage segues to discuss the bigger Indigenous issues, and truth-telling towards Reconciliation in Australia.

We want our business to be a disruptor, and lead through actions of social entrepreneurship.

My 5-year vision is to create a Cultural Hub, a gathering place which is an immersive space of sensory connection to Indigenous Australia. A plot of land dedicated to chocolate making, workshops, an Australian native garden, First Nations cultural activities, café, guided tours, commercial collaborative spaces… a hub for Learning, Growth and Healing for all who visit.