Our Impact

Impact is embedded in our Business decisions

Chocolate On Purpose creates real impact in our industry by promoting sustainability and equity in the Australian native botanical and World cacao farming communities and the environment.

• For every extra production run we increase our buy from an Indigenous farmer by 10-kilos, contributing to their increased participation in the Australian native food and botanical supply chain.

• In 2021 our choice to purchase ethically sourced chocolate contributed to eradicating 25,000 cases of forced child labour; empowered 38% more women by training them as cacao farmers and raised 122,000 cacao farmers above the poverty line.

• Our choice not to use palm oil means… that in this past hour… we helped prevent 174 tonnes of C02 releasing into the atmosphere because we prevented 300 football fields of rainforest being burnt to make way for planting of new palm trees, which also prevented further displacement of Indigenous communities & endangered animals.

• And every day… we help prevent the death of 16 orangutans.

• We purchase Aboriginal Carbon Credits in the Community Credit program, enabling:-
  - Improved Indigenous fire management over 18 million hectares of northern Australia
  - Abatement of over 7.5 million tonnes of emissions since 2012
  - and creation of jobs on country for Indigenous land managers, generating social, cultural and environmental benefits of global significance.

• As a business we generate negligible waste, as we reclaim chocolate production waste and repurpose it as a product called Chocolicious Sprinkles.

• And our packaging is Recyclable in domestic recycling programs.

We contribute to making a very real difference in the industry footprint of our business.