Impact Statement - Organisational Goals

Chocolate On Purpose offers 'blended value for-good'


Mission and Vision

Chocolate On Purpose are disruptors in the artisan specialty chocolate market, delivering real industry impact by empowering Indigenous Australian native botanical producers, and World Cacao Farmers, to greater participation in supply chains; disrupting the harm to our climate & endangered species by sourcing palm-oil free chocolate; and contributing to Reconciliation in Australia through storytelling with chocolate. Their legacy with be Chocolate for Good™.

 The Organisation

Chocolate On Purpose is Australia's first Indigenous Chocolate company, blending premium, gourmet chocolate with Australian native botanicals to create their ‘Bush Food Chocolate’ range. Through the deliciousness of these flavours they share the traditional use of the botanicals, to deepen respect for ancient Indigenous wisdom and culture.


Chocolate On Purpose was founded 10-years ago by proud Wiradyuri woman Fiona Harrison, who lives and operates the business on the traditional land of her old people, Wiradyuri Country on the Central Tablelands of NSW. The business sprang from her journey to heal from complex PTSD, during which she discovered the healing power of Australian native botanicals and embarked on a mission to (re)learn the ways of her ancestors, and share the healing power of the botanicals with others.


Embedded Impact:

Impact is embedded in our business model through the choice of where we source our ingredients. For every extra production run, we increase our buy from an Indigenous farmer by 10kg, contributing to their increased participation in the Australian native food & botanical supply chain. Our choice to purchase ethically sourced chocolate contributes to eradicating 25,000 cases of forced child labour, empowers 38% more women by training them as cacao farmers, and raises 122,000 cacao farmers above the poverty line.

Better for the World:

We are ‘Better for the World’ because our choice not to use palm oil means that every hour we help prevent 174 tonnes of CO2 releasing into the atmosphere because we prevent 300 football field sized tracts of rainforest being burnt to make way for planting of new palm trees, which also prevents further displacement of Indigenous communities & endangered animals. And every day we help prevent the death of 16 orangutans.

Better for You:

We are ‘Better for You’ as our chocolate contains all it's cocoa butter, and none of the saturated fats & oils, preservatives or excessive sugar used by other brands.