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100% Indigenous Owned

Delicious Taste of Australia

Why Choose Us?

GAWAYMBANHA! That’s 'Welcome' in the Australian Aboriginal Wiradjuri Language. 

Chocolate On Purpose® is a 100% Indigenous Australian owned business.

Our expert training, integrity & sustainability is the strength that flavours our creations!

Our Vision is to educate the world on the health-giving power of Australian Indigenous plants & wisdom of our Elders in their use.

Our Mission is contribute to Reconciliation, and the protection & promotion of Australia’s First Nations People, by creating chocolicious connection and learning... one taste bud at a time.

Chocolate on Purpose® actively supports Aboriginal Sustainable Farming by sourcing our Indigenous Australian Fruit & Nuts - Bush Foods - from First Nations Communities around Australia.

Chocolate on Purpose® use the finest Belgian chocolate giving you a real melt-in-the-mouth, smooth, pure-tasting chocolate experience.

Our chocolate contains Cocoa Butter, which provides health benefits & anti-oxidant properties.

Most chocolate manufacturers remove the Cocao Butter and sell it to the cosmetic industry, where it is highly prized for it's antioxidant and emollient properties.

These chocolate manufacturers then replace the Cocao Butter with preservatives, saturated fats and oils (increasingly using palm oil), resulting in that plastic texture, greasy film & bitter taste on the palate you experience with a lot of the chocolate you are buying at the moment.

Chocolate On Purpose® chocolate contains ALL of its Cocao Butter! Our chocolate will NOT disappoint you as it's the real deal, with real taste and it's real good!

Choosing Chocolate on Purpose® means you not only choose great chocolate taste, you also choose to support cocoa farmers in West Africa and of every pack you purchase, part is reinvested in farmer training and community projects – in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Chocolate on Purpose® use Aromatic Profiling to create Original and Unique fusions of chocolate & Indigenous Australian plant-based aromatics. This results in chocolate flavour combinations with a depth of flavour that is truly a "chocolicious taste of Australia" and which you are not going to find anywhere else.

Our creations are supported by scientific data showing Dark Chocolate and Indigenous Australian Bush Foods are actually functional foods with real health benefits, such as preventing Oxidation (which ages every cell in our bodies).

Cacao, the chocolate bean, is packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobomine, making this little bean a disease killing bullet!

Indigenous Australian Plants comprise superior antioxidant capacity, as compared to other Superfood fruits like blueberry.

Oxidative stress causes disease and Cacao & Indigenous Australian plants have been scientifically proven to prevent this.

Chocolate On Purpose® customers enjoy double health benefits! It's no wonder our Chocolate creations are described as "Yumminess with Benefits".

"I love Chocolate on Purpose! Such an amazing range of white, milk and dark chocolate and traditional bush food. A delicious combination. I love buying them and putting them in gourmet food hampers and gift packs... as well as eating a lot myself!" 

Jess Sandford
Local Artist & Chocolate Lover

"I have tried most of the amazing chocolates flavours that are available from Chocolate On Purpose and like them all. One of the really special things I enjoy about their products is the native fruits that are used, making them a delectable treat. Fiona and Jo treat their customers like friends and always offer a warm welcome. Thanks ladies."

Sarah Jane Lovell
Local Produce Connoissieur

"Every time I visit Chocolate On Purpose, I discover a new favourite... the combinations of delicious chocolate and bush food ingredients are a pure delight for the senses. Excellent quality and the best customer service. Yummy!"

Christine Clements
"Wink" The Glitter Fairy Face Painter

"Love this chocolate. Love the way the mix is good for you bush foods. Go Coco Chocolate Drop!"

Elaine Shoesmith, Millthorpe NSW

Our Story

Fiona & Jo

Chocolatier Gals

Chocolate on Purpose® is a proud Aboriginal Australian owned business creating handmade chocolate out of Millthorpe, a heritage listed town in the Central West of NSW.

This area of NSW has developed a reputation as a premier gourmet food district and the Chocolate on Purpose® innovative & unique chocolate products sit proudly among the award winning food & wine produce of this area.

Our premier chocolate range is “Bush Food Chocolate®”, a rustic fusion of the finest Belgian chocolate and the best of Australian native fruits & nuts aka “Bush Food”.

We create Artisan, Hand Made chocolate combinations using Bush Food such as Daalgaal (Illawarra Plum), Garal (Wattleseed), Boombera (Macadamia Nut) and Wyrrung (Wild Rosella) and many others.

Our Mission is to inspire and nurture everyone with Purposeful Chocolate Creations- one taste bud at a time!

Chocolate On Purpose® is the dream of Fiona, a proud Wiradjuri Aboriginal Woman on her journey back home to connect with her mob. A journey which inspired “Bush Food Chocolate®”... created With Love by Fiona & her Chocolicious Buddy, Jo.

We use Aromatic Profiling to create Original and Unique fusions of chocolate & Australian native plant-based aromatics, resulting in such depth of flavours that they resonate with a Synergy speaking to an Australian story of Connection… to Country - to Each Other - and to the Custodians of this Land, the Australian Aborigines.


You can find our unique, original and yummy chocolate in our ONLINE STORE here and in the May Raechelle Art Gallery, 10 Pym Street Millthorpe.

Visiting Millthorpe? Be sure to call into May Raechelle Art Gallery and "Take A Selfie with CoCo" out the front of the store! Share your photo on FB and/or Instagram. Use the hashtag #chocolateonpurpose and tag us with @chocolateonpurpose so you'll be in the running to win a prize!

Where to Find Us

May Raechelle Art Gallery

Thursday - Sunday

10:00am - 3:30pm