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Yiradhu marang! That's Good Day in the Wiradjuri language.

Yuwindhu Biyuwanha (my name is Fiona) and I’m a proud Wiradjuri yinaa (woman) of the Bila Galari (Lachlan River).

Generations of my family have lived on the banks of the Bila Bula (Belubula River), which is part of the Bila Galari (Lachlan River) catchment on the Central Tablelands of NSW.

The Bilabula River’s name is derived from the Wiradjuri language and is thought to mean ‘stony river’, referring to Country peppered with basalt rock from eruptions of Mt Canobolas, a nearby extinct volcano.

I feel the most grounded when standing on Ngurambang (Country), where the trees are members of our mob and the flowers, fruits and leaves are our food and medicine.

My business is Chocolate On Purpose and, with my mudyibang (good friend & supportive ally) Jo, we proudly work on Wiradjuri Country.

This Wiradjuri Ngurambang (Country) was never ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal Land.

Our premier chocolate range is called ‘Bush Food Chocolate’, a fusion of the finest Belgian chocolate and the best of Australian native botanicals aka ‘Bush Food’.

Ngadhu Marramaldhaany (I am a Creator) and produce artisan, handcrafted chocolate combinations using Australian native botanicals such as Garal (Wattleseed), Boombera (Macadamia Nut), Gulalung (Finger Limes), Wyrrung (Wild Rosella) and many others.

This region of NSW has developed a reputation as a premier gourmet food district and the Chocolate on Purpose innovative & unique chocolate products sit proudly among the award winning food & wine produce of this area.

Locals & visitors alike are intrigued by our Bush Food Chocolate flavour combinations and travel to Millthorpe just to buy our chocolate.

We use Aromatic Profiling to create Original and Unique fusions of chocolate & Australian native plant-based aromatics, resulting in such depth of flavours that they resonate with a synergy speaking to an Australian story of Connection… to Country - to Each Other - and to the Custodians of this Land, Australia’s First Nations People.

Our vision is to share Culture through storytelling with chocolate, educating on the traditional use of the botanicals by our First Nations People, to deepen respect for our wisdom and culture.

Our chocolate is truly a Delicious Taste of Australia.

** Gulburra (Acknowledgement) for Wiradjuri Language used on my website is given to Uncle Stan Grant Snr & Dr John Rudder (Deceased) "A New Wiradjuri Dictionary" and Aunty Iris Reid, Wiradjuri Yalmambildhanny (Teacher) TAFE NSW.

Why Choose Us?

Chocolate On Purpose is a 100% Indigenous owned business born on Wiradjuri Country at the source of the Bila Bula (Belubula River), in Millthorpe on the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Our signature range of chocolate is called 'Bush Food Chocolate', created by combining melt in the mouth couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals growing on Country.

Our mission is to produce quality chocolate creations for both lovers of fine chocolate and those wanting to make the world of chocolate a better place for all, by sourcing Australian native botanicals from Aboriginal Communities around Australia and sustainable cocoa only from Suppliers who are members of the 'Cocoa Horizons' Foundation.

Our vision is to educate the world about the superfood benefits of our Australian native botanicals and the wisdom of our First Nations People in their traditional use, so we are respected for this wisdom and honoured for our culture.

As an Indigenous woman, I am sharing Culture through the story of chocolate. Our logo honours my ancestry and our new brand identity embodies the Dreaming Story of Chocolate On Purpose, "The Eagle Spirit created Country and it was a beautiful place; this sacred Wiradjuri Country that connects us to our Old People, and which provides the land we continue to live and operate our business on today. Yindyamarra, the Dreaming Spirit within, created Chocolate On Purpose to be sure Country was a delicious place as well, and allows us to share this with People living on Traditional Lands across the continent.”

Our branding reflects our mission & vision and encapsulates the motto of our business, “Yindyamangidyal Marramarra", meaning “With Respect and Honour, We Create” to keep our culture and traditional wisdom alive.

Chocolate on Purpose uses the finest Belgian couverture chocolate giving you a real melt-in-the-mouth, smooth, pure-tasting chocolate experience.

Our chocolate contains all its Cocoa Butter (couverture), which provides health benefits & anti-oxidant properties.

Most chocolate manufacturers remove the Cocoa Butter and sell it to the cosmetic industry, where it is highly prized for its antioxidant and emollient properties.

These chocolate manufacturers then replace the Cocoa Butter with preservatives, saturated fats and oils (increasingly using palm oil), resulting in that plastic texture, greasy film & bitter taste on the palate you experience with a lot of the chocolate you are buying at the moment.

Chocolate On Purpose’ chocolate contains ALL of its Cocoa Butter! Our chocolate will NOT disappoint you as it's the real deal, with real taste and it's real good!

We’re passionate about Community. We source sustainably harvested ingredients from Ethical Suppliers, who are committed to supporting Communities, both locally and overseas. Respect for Culture, Land and People lie at the heart of all decisions made by this female-founded and all female-led business.

We purchase Carbon Credits from the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) to offset our personal & business carbon footprint, currently supporting the Tiwi Islands Savanna Burning for Greenhouse Gas Abatement. The money raised by AbCF is returned to Tiwi communities to conduct the Savanna Burning, which employs locals and ultimately improves outcomes for those Communities and their People.

We are members of the First Nations Bushfood and Botanical Alliance Australia (FNBFBA) to support them in their mission to return custodianship of the Australian native food industry to our First Australians. Did you know that fewer than 2% of the providers across the Indigenous food & botanical supply chain are Indigenous? Yet it’s their knowledge and skill that keeps the industry thriving with little return to community and no control of intellectual property. This misbalance must be addressed and we are proud to be a part of the work of FNBFBA to achieve this.

Chocolate On Purpose is grounded in an ethical and sustainable ethos inherent in our business motto, “Yindyamangidyal Marramarra", meaning “With Respect and Honour, We Create”.

Our Australian native botanicals are sourced from growers and Indigenous communities around Australia. Our supplier is committed to raising the profile and accessibility of native Australian ingredients by partnering with growers to increase supply, quality and availability of local produce. Through their Native Harvest Initiative – established with the help of a team of agronomists and propagators– they provide a range of specialty services and support to assist Indigenous growers and farmers to diversify and/or repurpose their crops.

Choosing Chocolate on Purpose means you not only choose great chocolate taste, you also choose to support cocoa farmers in West Africa and of every pack you purchase, part is reinvested in farmer training and community projects – in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Our chocolate is a blend of cacao beans from Ecuador, Ivory Coast & Ghana and our supplier is a member of Cocoa Horizons, which is an impact driven program focused on cocoa farmer prosperity and helping build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children. It's an independent, non-profit organization supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority. The aim is to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development, which protect nature and children. Learn more here:

Chocolate on Purpose use Aromatic Profiling to create original and unique fusions of chocolate & Australian native botanical-based aromatics. This results in chocolate flavour combinations with a depth of flavour that is truly a "Delicious  Taste of Australia" and which you are not going to find anywhere else.

Our expert training, integrity & sustainability is the strength that flavours our creations!

Our creations are supported by scientific data showing Dark Chocolate and Australian native botanicals (Bush Foods) are actually functional foods with real health benefits, such as preventing Oxidation (which ages every cell in our bodies).

Cacao, the chocolate bean, is packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobomine, making this little bean a disease killing bullet!

Native Australian botanicals comprise superior antioxidant capacity, as compared to other Superfood fruits like blueberry.

Oxidative stress causes disease and Cacao & Australian native botanicals have been scientifically proven to prevent this.

Chocolate On Purpose customers enjoy double health benefits! It's no wonder our Chocolate creations are described as "Yumminess with Benefits".

"I love Chocolate on Purpose! Such an amazing range of white, milk and dark chocolate and traditional bush food. A delicious combination. I love buying them and putting them in gourmet food hampers and gift packs... as well as eating a lot myself!" 

Jess Sandford
Local Artist & Chocolate Lover

"I have tried most of the amazing chocolates flavours that are available from Chocolate On Purpose and like them all. One of the really special things I enjoy about their products is the native fruits that are used, making them a delectable treat. Fiona and Jo treat their customers like friends and always offer a warm welcome. Thanks ladies."

Sarah Jane Lovell
Local Produce Connoissieur

"Every time I visit Chocolate On Purpose, I discover a new favourite... the combinations of delicious chocolate and bush food ingredients are a pure delight for the senses. Excellent quality and the best customer service. Yummy!"

Christine Clements
"Wink" The Glitter Fairy Face Painter

"Love this chocolate. Love the way the mix is good for you bush foods. Go Coco Chocolate Drop!"

Elaine Shoesmith, Millthorpe NSW


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